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Typically, the weather here in Anambas is sunny and fair. We're a tropical island after all. Expect bright sunny mornings, usually with a gentle wind and mostly clear skies. Perfect weather for a holiday on an exotic paradise island archipelago.

Typical Anambas day: clear sea and clear sky
Typical Anambas day: clear sea and clear sky

Anambas offers precisely the kind of conditions you want when you're keen to lounge around in your own private hammock, preferably under a shade-dappled coconut tree rustling mesmerizingly in the sea breeze.

But if you've got somewhat of an intrepid streak and you prefer a more active holiday, with a spot of adventure thrown in, our climate is ideal for this too. The fair winds tend to keep the sea docile, which, in turn, translates to excellent visibility for snorkeling and scubadiving.

That said, there are times our southwesterlies ratchet up into 20 knots or more; this happens about a dozen times or so from May to November. These windier spells can last for up to 7-10 days or so, perfect for kiteboarders, foilers, windsurfers and yachties intending to explore our breathtaking castaway islands.

Calm sea, ideal for SUP, kayaking, snorkeling etc
Calm sea, ideal for SUP, kayak, snorkeling etc.

Let's face it, nothing beats careening across an azure, coral-peppered sea on your foil, kite or windsurf board, surrounded by bounty islands, with powder-sugar beaches.

By the way, the good news for divers, snorkellers, stand-up paddlers, kayakers and others who may prefer smoother seas, is that even during these windy spells, there are still plenty of spots suitable for these activities, because they're sheltered by neighboring islands. The locals will know where to take you, no worries.

Now, it should be said that all of the above applies to March until November. The remaining months, December and January, are our monsoon months, the northeast.

Windy spells occur, with winds of up to 20+ knots
Windy spells occur, with winds of up to 20 kts

Still, that's not to say that we're inundated with rain for the full 2 months, far from it. But certainly December to early January, Anambas tends to be wet and blustery. In a nutshell, these are not the best times to visit. Unless you prefer inclement weather and occasional ferry service interruptions of course :)

Lastly, whilst this is our general weather profile, it should be noted that every now and then, so-called Sumatra Squalls pass through. These originate all the way from the island of Sumatra and make their way across the region in a day or so. Fortunately for us, by far most of these squalls only last for about an hour or so. Typically, it's back to sunny skies the rest of the day.

Lastly, should you have any questions about our weather, or anything else for that matter, just scroll down a little, enter your query and send the form. We'll reply to you immediately.

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