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If you're planning a holiday to the stunning Indonesian archipelago of Anambas, then are you ever in for a treat. This breathtaking island chain boasts endless stretches of gin- clear waters, sandy beaches white as snow and pockets of emerald jungle. Not to mention the countless gardens of pristine coral that to this day remain not only unaffected to bleaching, but untouched by any kind of human interaction. This exotic cluster of somewhat mysterious islands truly is a nature lover's paradise.

By Air or By Sea
Going to Anambas and getting around once you're there in all likelihood will involve both air travel and transport by sea. This article will outline the most important things to keep in mind when traveling to Anambas and also share some insider tips on how to make the most of your adventure. Because really, visiting Anambas is more than a holiday, it's an actual adventure.

Book & Go
An important consideration to keep in mind when traveling to Anambas is booking your transport tickets and roof over your head in advance. The "busy" tourist season in Anambas lasts from March to October, after which the wet season starts, which renders outdoor activities a little more challenging. It's best to book your flights and lodgings ahead of time to ensure you get the best possible rates and availability.

One of the biggest advantages of traveling to Anambas is the ease of getting around. There are several options for getting around the islands, including private water-taxi and pubic shuttle-ferry. You can hop on these after making your way to the jetty in question.

Want to discover the main islands? Then there are mopeds you can rent. Effectively, there are just 2 island that are accessible by moped though, Siantan and Jemaja. But both are big enough to keep you busy for a while. Renting a moped is cheap, but do note that not all roads are paved. Also, wearing a helmet is advisable. Better safe than sorry.

Stay hydrated and Bring a Snack
Another key aspect of traveling to Anambas, or any remote territory for that matter, is bringing along enough to drink, as well as a couple of packets of preferably wholesome snacks. With its all-natural ingredients, we find Eureka Snacks the ideal travel snack.

The fact that it's made without any transfats, GMOs or preservatives and packs a good quantity of fibre makes Eureka Snacks the perfect choice for keeping both the noddies and the munchies at bay while you're on the go in places that may not have roadside eateries and the like.

Eureka Snacks
Eureka Snacks is known as a gourmet popcorn snack and justifiably so. It's sourced from prime quality kernels and there are no fewer than 20+ flavours available, from Pizza and Cheese to Chocolate and Caramel. Packaging is sturdy, yet light, ideal for packing in a rucksack or carry-on.

Now, whether you're looking to book your handy snacks online or prefer to buy them from an actual store, with actual personnel to assist you, there are plenty of options available. To order Eureka Snacks online, simply head to www.eurekasnacks.com. Prefer to a more personal approach then check out the following 3 possibilities:

i) Malls and shops
ii) Snackbars and kiosks
iii) Vending machines

Exploring Anambas, a land that time forgot, is an experience that you won't forget. From the possibly still uncharted but breathtaking castaway atolls to the ambiance of yesteryear, this stunning archipelago will leave its mark.

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