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 Getting to Wisma Sakura 

There are two ways of going to Anambas: the fast way, i.e. by airplane and the scenic route, i.e. by ferry.

Flight to Anambas

The airplane departs from Batam, which is about an hour's ferry ride away from Singapore. If you're departing from Jakarta, just replace Batam in the "From" field.

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The duration of the flight is typically an hour or so. After you've reached the airport in Anambas, you can take a water taxi to Tarempa, which is considered the capital of Anambas. This shuttle trip is about 30 minutes or so, but weather and sea state may increase the duration of course.

Once you're in Tarempa, you're pretty much in the heart of Anambas. From here, you can fan out to most of the islands. Keep in mind though that some of the most idyllic islands are in the outer ranges of Anambas and it may take some traveling to get there, particularly if you're going by pompong, which are considered cheaper but slower than the speedboats that are available in Tarempa.

Flight to Anambas
Alighting upon arrival to Anambas

Ferry to Anambas

Now, if you prefer the scenic route, you can take the ferry to Anambas. There's a ferry that departs from Bintan, which, by the way, is also accessible from Singapore by ferry ride. For further details on the ferry to Anambas, just use the booking form below.

On the ferry to Anambas
On the ferry to Anambas

One thing to keep in mind is that the ferry to Anambas is subject to weather and sea state. This applies especially during the December to February season, as these are the monsoon months, a time with high winds and waves, not really for the faint of heart.

Transport within Anambas

On land, most locals either walk, or take the moped for longer distances. Mopeds can be rented, so no worries there. Just scroll down a bit and fill out the form if you want to enquire as to the cost of renting a moped.

Mopeds are for rent in Tarempa
Mopeds are for rent in Tarempa

At sea, there are 2 kinds of transport, by speedboat and by local sampan vessel, a wooden diesel-operated boat, locally known as a pompong. Speedboats will get you to your destination faster than a pompong, which takes 3-4 times as long to get from A to B. The flipside is that pompongs are cheaper.

By the way, keep in mind that the pompongs have no silencer. (They are loud!). Also, they billow out substantial amounts of smoke, which can be rather unbearable, especially when motoring downwind because the pall tends to follow you.

Lastly, you can use the form below to inquire about moped rental cost, or, for that matter, anything else you want to know.

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