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Like many of the other well-known world-class paradise beach islands located in the tropics, such as Bali, Hawaii, Maldives or Aruba, Malaysia's Pulau Tioman, too, offers its visitors days of bliss in picture-perfect resorts, mesmerizing sceneries, balmy sun-kissed beaches, topped off by the clearest translucent aquamarine seas.

Mersing Harbour Centre, departure point to Tioman
Mersing Harbour Centre

However, that great news is that, unlike most of the other tropical resort islands, Tioman has mostly retained its authentic, sleepy, village atmosphere.

Tioman's pace today isn't much different from the way it was before it exploded onto the global tourism scene in the mid 1980s. The Malay villages that dot the island's west coast still languish in the copious tropical sun, undeterred by the comings and goings of the countless reveling travelers that pass by the numerous provisions shops, the simple open-concept kampung restaurants and the "rumah" cottages in which the Tioman locals live.

The main difference between the Tioman of yore and today's Tioman is the sheer number of accommodations available to visitors these days. What started off as a few A-frames erected on Monkey Beach has mushroomed into numerous rooms, cabanas, shacks, villas and even apartments. From backpacker-style budget lodgings to lavish resorts with full-on wellness wings, Tioman nowadays offers it all.

Paya Beach, Tioman Island
Paya Beach, Tioman Island

From 40 RM per night to up to several 1000 RM, there will be a place to stay for everyone.

Similarly, the activities available in Tioman Island are quite varied too. First and foremost, there is the scuba-diving for those that have the scuba permit. Tioman's quality scuba spots are renown far and wide and many a scuba-diver has Tioman on their bucket list, simply because of its reputation as a scuba heaven.

For the scuba initiated, Tioman's crystal-clear seas and practically unrivalled coral gardens are accessible as well. Just grab a dive mask, snorkel and flippers and go make some bubbles.

But Tioman is a landlubber's dream come true too, particularly for those keen to explore natural treasures, as well as for photography buffs interested in capturing stunning vistas.

Scubadiving heaven
Scubadiving heaven

Mountain-hiking, jungle-trekking, or just strolling amongst the virtually still-untouched emerald jungle, most resorts will be able to assist you get on your way. Just ask at your reception.

If all this holiday idyll has you positively rearing to go to the breathtaking paradise that is Tioman, then it's good to know that your last port of embarkation is Mersing, located in Johor. You can catch the ferry to Tioman quite easily, albeit booking your tickets in advance is recommended, mostly because the crossings are not as regular as expected. The reason is sailing conditions, which tend to fluctuate around Mersing.

Still, so long as you've got ferry tickets booked, for example by going to this Tioman ferry ticket site, you'll be on your way to your sunny island of choice before you can say "perfect tan".

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